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What's It All About, Anyway?

The Microsoft Office Specialist Program is the only comprehensive certification program designed to validate desktop computer skills using Microsoft Office applications, which is recognised around the World. Certification provides an employer proof that a candidate has the technical skills and software expertise to be a valuable, efficient, and productive employee.

OK, So How Does Someone Become a Specialist?

The process couldn't be easier. In fact, we've boiled it down to five simple steps.   

Step 1: Choose Level of Specialisation 

The Microsoft Office User Specialist program offers different levels of expertise. Candidates meet with an enrolment counsellor to determine the best IT training and certification track to meet their needs.

  Microsoft Office 2000 Core Specialist

Core Specialist level exams are available for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project and Outlook. Becoming a Specialist at the Core level indicates that a candidate has a comprehensive understanding of the core features in a specific Office 2000 application.

Microsoft Office 2000 Expert

Expert level exams are available for Word,
Excel and Project only at this time. Becoming a Specialist at the Expert level indicates that a candidate has a comprehensive understanding of the advanced features 
in a specific Office 2000 application. 

Microsoft Office 2000 Master

Demonstrates that a candidate has a comprehensive understanding of the Office 2000 applications.  Must pass
five exams – Word Expert, Excel Expert, PowerPoint Core,
Access Core and Outlook Core. 

Step 2: Assess Skills/Experience

Assessment software and questionnaires 
define a personal learning track for each 

Step 3: Get Training

Microsoft Approved Courseware, experienced instructors and small classes ensure a high quality learning experience. Or use PinPoint to focus on and learn only the areas you need help with.

Step 4: Take Simulation Test

The Fourth R simulation using PinPoint  exams ensure candidates are ready for test day. Our simulation exams are designed to save time, money and, best of all, worry.

Simulation exams provide timed, predictive simulations of the various Microsoft Office certification exams. Exam results are automatically analysed for user strengths and weaknesses. Follow-up training can be scheduled for areas that require improvement in order to pass a specific exam. 

Step 5: Take and Pass the Exam(s)

The exams are not written tests or multiple choice. Exams feature real-world assignments that are based on the way people actually use Microsoft Office applications. Using an actual online document, for example, a candidate will be asked to perform a series of tasks to clearly demonstrate a desktop computing skills. The typical exam takes less than an hour—and in some cases as little as 30 minutes.

And the reward for passing? A Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate—proof that a candidate has the desktop-computing skills required to work productively and efficiently. That's good news to anyone in charge of hiring—and promoting!

Microsoft Office Specialist test tips

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