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Why become certified?...

Certification is  tangible recognition of your abilities. 

It is  the standard  requirement in which businesses base their criteria for job opportunities.

Certification is not a luxury anymore, it has become a necessity. Can you afford not to have it?

The Fourth R offers certification in the following two ways.

1. Microsoft Office Specialist exams.

2. VUE testing. Includes exams in Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Siebel...etc

For more information on a particular course, simply click on a link or contact your nearest Fourth R Learning Centre.

Our economy offers great opportunities to businesses and individuals with the right computer skills.

  • Businesses realize the importance of computer training to increase productivity, reduce costs and stay competitive.
  • Individuals recognize that computer skills create income growth and job opportunities.
  • Employers want proof—certification—that a candidate has the prerequisite computer skills for a job.
  • Today’s youth need a strong foundation of computer skills for academic success.
  • Governments worldwide view the development of a highly skilled workforce as key to their country’s future.

The Fourth R can help you secure your future by supplying you with the necessary tools to succeed in the ever changing IT market place.

The Fourth R provides clients worldwide with the systems, resources, relationships and support to successfully grow and succeed not only in today’s marketplace, but also in the changing, technology driven market of tomorrow.


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