Windows Part 1
Course Code: AD960

An introductory course that explains the basic operations of Windows 98. Learn how to customise the Desktop and Start Menu, manage files and explore some of the Windows 98 Accessories Programs.

Course participants will gain an understanding of:
  • The Windows 98 Desktop
  • Modifying the Taskbar
  • Selecting commands in Windows applications
  • Copying, moving, renaming & deleting files & folders
  • Changing settings for date/time, mouse, keyboard etc
  • Placing a shortcut on the desktop & Start Menu
  • Using Internet Explorer
  • Using Windows 98 Help System

What you will learn
Topics covered by this course include:

Getting Started

  • The Windows 98 Desktop
  • Examining Options on the Start Menu
  • Modifying the Taskbar

Working with Windows Applications

  • Selecting Commands in Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Running Two or More Applications Simultaneously

Exploring Your Computer

  • Using My Computer & Windows Explorer
Managing Your Files
  • Creating a New Folder
  • Copying, Moving, Renaming & Deleting Folders & Files

Modifying System Settings

  • Changing the Screen Display, System Date & Time
  • Changing Mouse & Keyboard Settings

Creating Drawings/ Displaying Quick Views

  • Using the Paint Program
  • Using the Quick View Feature

Creating & Using Shortcuts

  • Placing Shortcuts on the Desktop & Start Menu
  • Removing Shortcuts

Browsing the World Wide Web

  • Understanding the Internet
  • Using Internet Explorer

Getting Help

  • Using the Windows 98 Help System

Basic computer skills are recommended for this course.

Dates and times
Courses are available either in the morning or the evening. Contact the relevant training centre for further details and enrolment information.

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