MYOB Part 1
Setting up your business 

A comprehensive course which explains how to use MYOB, including setting-up the appropriate accounts to enable you to operate the GST system.

Course participants will gain a sound understanding of:
  • The MYOB Program

  • Customising MYOB for differing types of businesses

  • Making the transition to MYOB from other methods of account keeping

  • Customising printed output for the business

  • Using the built in Office functions, eg The To Do List and Client database

  • Setting up a Chart of Accounts

  • Entering Opening Balances

  • Entering Historical Balances  

  • Set Update Preferences

  • Inventory Setup

  • Card File

What you will learn

A partial list of Topics covered by this course includes:

Basic Orientation

  • Overview of  MYOB

  • Starting MYOB

  • Navigating the Command Centre

  • Enquiries


  • Using help

  • Accessing the Online Manual

New Company File
  • Setting up a New Data file

Chart of Accounts

  • Overview

  • Modifying existing Accounts

  • Linking Accounts

  • Tax Codes

Opening Balances

  • Overview

  • Entering Opening Balances

  • Opening Balances

  • Checking Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss

Historical Balances

  • Overview

  • Entering Receivables Balances

  • Entering Historical Purchases

  • Changing Update Preferences

Inventory setup

  • Items

  • Stock count

Card File

  • Overview

  • Customer Details

  • Vendor Details

  • Credit Terms

Basic computer skills (Windows 95 or 98) are recommended for this course.

Dates and times
Courses are available either in the morning or the evening. Contact the relevant training centre for further details and enrolment information.

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