Photoshop 6

Course Code: CT12-420 

Photoshop 6 introduction is a hands-on course where students will learn how to modify photographs to create realistic composite images using Adobe Photoshop.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Modify Images

  • Use viewing and imaging tools

  • Work with different palettes

  • Utilise layering techniques

  • Use Gradient tools

  • Work with Vector graphics

What you will learn
Topics covered by this course include:

Exploring the Photoshop environment

  • Touring Photoshop

  • Creating and saving files

Working with images

  • Using the viewing tools
  • Modifying image properties
  • Modifying images for the Web and print
  • Cropping an image

Working with selections

  • Manipulating selections

  • Using the Marquee and Lasso tools

  • Using the Move and Magic Wand tools

  • Modifying image areas

Creating an image

  • Using the Pencil tools

  • Using the Paintbrush and Airbrush tools

  • Using the Clone Stamp and Pattern Stamp tools

Working with vector graphics

  • Using the Shape and Pen tools

  • Using the Direct Selection and Path Component

  • Selection tools

Working with colours and colour settings

  • Working with the Colour palette
  • Setting the colour gamut
  • Working with the Colour Picker
  • Using the Paint Bucket and Eyedropper tools

Manipulating layers

  • Working with layers

  • Managing and manipulating layers

  • Adding type layers

Modifying photographs

  • Using the retouching tools

  • Using the Gradient tools

  • Working with the Eraser tools

A basic knowledge of Personal Computer fundamentals is recommended for this course.

Dates and times
Please refer to your Fourth R centre for dates and times.

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