Windows 2000
Course Code: AD965

An introductory course for people familiar with computers but new to the Windows 2000 operating system.  Learn how to navigate through Windows, manage files and explore some of the Windows 2000 Accessories Programs.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Differences with the new Windows 2000 Operating System

  • Modifying the Taskbar

  • Use Windows Explorer

  • Copying, moving, renaming & deleting files & folders

  • Perform Backups of important data

  • Share information between programs

  • Customise Windows

  • Schedule automated tasks

What you will learn
Topics covered by this course include:

Getting Started

  • The Windows 2000 Desktop

  • Examining Options on the Start Menu

  • Modifying the Taskbar

  • Using My Computer, System Tray Icons and Quicklaunch

Using Windows Explorer

  • Viewing files and folders

  • Using Search features to find files and folders

  • Coping, Moving and Creating files and folders

  • Customising and Controlling Toolbars

Performing Disk Operations

  • Formatting and Copying a Diskette

  • Using System Tools

Sharing Data Between Programs

  • Creating a Word document

  • Linking and Embedding information into a document

Windows 2000 Accessories

  • Using accessory options

Print Features

  • Using various Printer options in Windows

  • Setting up a Printer Shortcut

Using Scheduled Tasks

  • Scheduling, Modifying, and Deleting a Task

Miscellaneous Operations

  • Customizing Windows

  • Associating file types to applications

A basic knowledge of Personal Computer fundamentals is recommended for this course.

Dates and times
Please refer to your Fourth R centre for dates and times.

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