Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Course Code: AD808

Maximise the potential of PowerPoint by linking it to other Microsoft programs such as Excel and Word, and applying some advanced design features of the program to your presentations.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Add a Word table and Excel Chart to a slide

  • Create an organisation chart 

  • Create an artistic text block 

  • Group objects & apply fills

  • Apply effects to Text

  • Branch to different Slides

  • Create Autoshapes and Apply enhancing features

What you will learn
Topics covered by this course include:

Sharing Data with Microsoft Applications

  • Adding a Word table to a slide

  • Adding an Excel Chart to a slide

SmartArt Graphics

  • Setting up and reformatting an Organisation Chart

  • Additional SmartArt options

Adding Special Effects to Text

  • Creating an Artistic Text Block

  • Using the Formatting Ribbon to enhance text

  • Using the Format Painter to copy formats

Working with AutoShapes

  • Stacking and Grouping Drawn Objects

  • Change the level of a shape

  • Applying transparent fill colour to an AutoShape

  • Connecting AutoShapes

  • Creating 3D AutoShapes

Including Sounds and Movies clips into a slide

  • Inserting a Sound Clip into a slide

  • Inserting a Movie Clip into a slide

  • Playing a Sound Clip and Movie Clip in a Slide show

  • Recording a Presentation as a Video

Intermediate Slide Show Techniques

  • Adding Animation and Timings to slides

  • Manually Branching to a specific slide

  • Creating a Hyperlink branch to a Specific slide

  • Creating a Custom Slide Show

Additional Intermediate PowerPoint Features

  • Importing a Word Outline into PowerPoint

  • Applying a Custom Background to Slides

  • Saving a Presentation for use on another Computer

  • Applying Multiple Design Templates to a Presentation

Course participants should have completed Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Part 1 (or equivalent).

Dates and times
Please refer to your Fourth R centre for dates and times.

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