Microsoft Project 2010
Part 1
Course Code: AD615 

A comprehensive practical introductory course. This course covers the basic operations of Project 2010. It will show you how to build a project, develop a project plan and share project data with other applications.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Set reminders in Outlook

  • Create a project schedule

  • Outline a task list

  • Add lag time and lead time between tasks

  • Allocate resources to tasks

  • Revise resource information

  • Share project data with other applications

  • Work with cost rate tables

  • Identify the critical path of a project

  • Create a custom project template

  • Make further modifications to projects & tasks

What you will learn
Topics covered by this course include:

Getting Started

  • Steps of Project Management

  • Defining Goals & Requirements of a Project

  • Identifying Potential Problems

  • Identifying Opportunities for Reducing Costs

  • Resolving Resource Overallocation Problems

  • Tracking & Reporting the Progress of a Project

  • Evaluating a Completed Project

  • The MS Project Application Window

  • Using the File tab

  • Modifying the Quick Access toolbar

Building a Simple Project

  • Entering a New Project Start Date

  • Creating a Project Schedule

  • Inserting, Deleting & Reordering Tasks

  • Create a Milestone

Developing a Project Plan (Part 1)

  • Outlining a Task List

  • Types of Task Relationships

  • Linking tasks using various relationships

  • Changing the Timescale of a Gantt Chart

  • Adding Lag and Lead Time between Tasks

  • WBS codes

  • Creating a Network diagram

Developing a Project Plan (Part 2)

  • Adding Resources to the Resource sheet

  • Assigning Resources to Tasks

  • Revising Resource Information

  • Revising the Project Calendar

  • Working with Cost Rate Tables

  • Using Task Drivers

  • Creating Calenders

  • Contouring a resource assignment

Developing a Project Plan (Part 3)

  • Identifying Slack Time in a Project Schedule

  • Identifying the critical path of a project 

  • Constraining Tasks

  • Set Deadline Tasks

  • Defining a Fixed duration and a Fixed task

  • Additional Project Planning Topics

Sharing data with other Applications

  • Exporting to Excel

  • Importing information into MS Project

  • Copying a Project view to Microsoft Word

Additional Project Features

  • Using a Project Template

  • Creating a custom Template

  • Adding Text fields and flag fields to a Sheet View

  • Set a Reminder in Microsoft Outlook

  • Customising Project

Basic computer skills are recommended for this course.

Dates and times
Please refer to your Fourth R centre for dates and times.

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