Microsoft Word 2010
Course Code: AD604 

A Broaden your knowledge of Word 2010.  Learn how to create professional documents using styles, templates, tables and graphics. This course is approved for the Microsoft Office User Specialist Program.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Use find & replace

  • Use the Navigation pane

  • Create & format a table

  • Create parallel & newspaper columns

  • Apply effect options to Text

  • Create & use templates

  • Work in Outline view

  • Insert an artistic text block into a document

  • Add headers, footers & page numbers

  • Compare and Merge documents

  • Insert a Picture and use Artistic effects

  • Track changes to documents

  • Merge revised copies

What you will learn
Topics covered by this course include:

Intermediate Editing & Formatting Techniques

  • Finding & Replacing Specific Text

  • Use the Navigation pane to find text and display pages

  • Adjusting Character Spacing

  • Revealing and Clearing formatting in a document

  • Creating a Multiple section document

  • Entering Hidden text into a document

Setting Up a Table

  • Creating & Formatting a Table

  • Inserting Rows & Columns

  • Converting Text to Table

  • Using Table Styles


Setting up Multiple Column Documents
  • Creating Parallel Columns

  • Creating & Restructuring Newspaper Columns

Working with Charts and Diagrams

  • Inserting a Chart into a Document

  • Modifying a Chart

  • Inserting a Diagram into a Document

Using Styles

  • Applying & Modifying Styles

Setting up Outline Documents

  • Working in Outline View

Producing a Report

  • Adding Headers, Footers, Page Numbers, Borders and Shading to Documents

  • Printing specific pages of a document

Collaborating with other Word users

  • Tracking Changes

  • Inserting Comments

  • Responding to changes and comments

  • Merging revised copies

  • Distributing a document via E-mail

Additional Intermediate Word Features

  • Comparing and Merging Documents

  • Linking external data to a Word document

  • Inserting Comments into a Document

Course participants should have completed Microsoft Word 2010 Part 1 (or equivalent).

Dates and times
Please refer to your Fourth R centre for dates and times.

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