Windows 7
Course Code: AD601

An introductory course for people familiar with computers but new to the Windows 7 operating system.  Learn how to navigate through Windows, manage files and explore some of the Windows 7 Accessories Programs.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Differences with the new Windows 7 Operating System

  • Modifying the Taskbar

  • Use Windows Explorer

  • Copying, moving, renaming & deleting files & folders

  • Work with different 7 Applications

  • Understand components of the Internet

  • Utilise the Help system

What you will learn
Topics covered by this course include:

Getting Started

  • The Windows 7 Desktop

  • Examining Options on the Start Menu

  • Customising the Taskbar

  • Moving and Resizing a Window

  • Logging on and off Windows 7

Exploring Your Computer

  • Examine components of your computer

  • Windows Explorer

Managing Your Files

  • Copy and Move files

  • Create a Folder

Working with Windows 7 Applications

  • Creating a Word document and Excel Spreadsheet

  • Running two Applications at the same time

  • Utilising Commands in a Windows 7 Application

Windows 7 Accessories

  • Using accessory options

Creating and using Shortcuts

  • Placing and Removing a Shortcut on your Desktop

  • Rearranging Icons on your Desktop

Browsing the World Wide Web

  • Understanding the Internet and the World Wide Web

  • Using Internet Explorer and MSN Explorer

The Help System

  • Displaying Help

  • Additional Help and Support Centre Resources


A basic knowledge of Personal Computer fundamentals is recommended for this course.

Dates and times
Please refer to your Fourth R centre for dates and times.

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