Microsoft Project 2007
Part 2
Course Code: AD575 

This course covers the intermediate/advanced level operations of Project 2007. It will show you how to track a project and work with multiple projects.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Track a Project

  • Analyse data through Earned Value

  • Create and apply filters for your Project

  • Resolve over allocation problems

  • Sort and Group Project information

  • Record and Run a Macro

  • Configure the Organizer

  • Utilise Resource Pools

What you will learn
Topics covered by this course include:

Organising and Analysing Project information

  • Sorting and Grouping Project information

  • Creating a Custom Group, Table, Filter and View

  • Applying Filters and Tables to Views

Tracking A Project (Part 1)

  • Saving a Baseline

  • Adding Progress Lines to a Gantt Chart

  • Comparing the Actual and Planned Progress of a project

  • Update a Project Schedule

  • Scheduling Overtime work

Tracking A Project (Part 2)

  • Monitoring Resource Allocation

  • Methods for Resolving Resource Over Allocation Problems

  • Manual and Automatic Task delaying

  • Display Earned Value Analysis

Communicating Project Information (Part 1)

  • View Calender tasks using various methods

  • Enhancing the Elements of a View 

  • Modify options for Printout

Communicating Project Information (Part 2)

  • Printing and Editing a Pre-designed Report

  • Using a Report Template

Working with Multiple Projects

  • Setting up a consolidated project

  • Linking Task and identifying Critical Paths of a consolidated project

  • Using and updating Resource Pools

Additional MS Project features

  • Recording and running a Macro

  • Create a custom form

  • Using the Organiser

An Understanding of Project 2007 Part 1 is recommended for this course.

Dates and times
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