Publisher 2003
Course Code: AD545

A comprehensive practical introduction to Microsoft Publisher. This course covers the operating features of the program and shows you how to create graphics, tables and text for effective desktop publishing.

After completing the course, participants will gain a sound understanding of:

  • Using Publisher wizards
  • Using Picture, Table & Text Frames
  • Formatting text in Text Frames
  • Inserting WordArt and ClipArt Frames
  • Combining and grouping frames
  • Inserting mastheads and columns into publication
  • Drawing and manipulating shapes
  • Create Drop Caps
  • Customising Publisher

What you will learn
Topics covered by this course include:

Getting Started

  • The Publisher Application Window, Menus & Toolbars
  • Displaying help information

Creating a Letterhead

  • Using the Letterhead Template
  • Zooming into & out of a Publication
  • Resizing & repositioning a frame
  • Using the "Snap to" options

Creating a Flyer

  • Using the Quick Publication Template
  • Inserting a Personal Information Component
  • Use design checker
  • Inserting a picture and Group objects

Creating a Newsletter

  • Examining options in the Design Gallery
  • Inserting a masthead & setting up columns
  • Inserting a text file & creating a Drop Cap
  • Adding a new page to a publication

Working with Shapes

  • Drawing, rotating and flipping shapes

Setting up a Table/Using WordArt

  • Creating & formatting a table
  • Creating an artistic text block
  • Inserting/Deleting rows or columns in a Table

Creating a Web Site

  • Using the Web Site Template

Additional Publisher Features

  • Creating and Applying a new style to text
  • Customising Publisher

Basic computer skills are recommended for this course.

Dates and times
Courses are available either in the morning or the evening. Contact the relevant training centre for further details and enrolment information.

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