A+ Certification
Course Code: ZD77-811 

A course for people familiar with computers who are looking as a pre-requisite to get into the IT industry.  Learn the necessary skills required to understand and troubleshoot computer Hardware. This A+ course also prepares you for your hardware exams.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand PC fundamentals
  • Implement Safety techniques
  • Identify System Components
  • Understand the different Bus Architectures and Expansion Boards
  • Use Storage Systems and Peripheral Devices
  • Understand the concepts of Networking

What you will learn
Topics covered by this course include:

PC Fundamentals

  • History of Computers
  • Software and Firmware
  • Computers and the Tools of the Trade


  • Basics of Electricity and Electronics
  • Computer Equipment and Disposal

System Components

  • Power Supplies, Bios and CPU’s
  • Identify System Boards
  • Identify the different types of Memory

Ports, Connectors, and Cables
  • Overview of Input/Output Ports
  • Compare Port types

Expansion Boards
  • Drive Controllers types
  • Video, Sound and Modem Cards

Storage and Peripheral Devices

  • Understand the different Storage Systems
  • Work with different types of Peripheral devices

Portable Computing

  • Understanding components of Portable Systems
  • PC Cards
  • Power Management


  • Understand Network Concepts
  • The OSI model
  • Network Connectivity

A basic knowledge of Personal Computer fundamentals is recommended for this course.

Dates and times
(4) Full Days from 9am to 4pm.

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